The vampire is a metaphor for a person who has become completely evil. The vampire exists in eternal darkness. The vampire has eternal life in darkness or lives forever in darkness which is associated with the idea that the vampire can only come out at night. If the vampire comes out in the day time it is burned alive by the sun. The myth of the vampires vulnerability to the sun is that a person that is evil cannot see God which is associated with the sun and if he or she does see God (which is the supreme light) the evilness which is the vampires essence will be destroyed from exposure to God which the vampire being burned to death by the sun is an allegory for. The evil person being exposed to God will be defeated and destroyed. 

The vampire sucks the blood of human beings. This is also a metaphor for an evil person taking the life energy of those who are not evil and making them evil. Blood is the life energy. A vampire sucks the blood of a human being and turns the human into a vampire. This is a metaphor for an evil person (the vampire) taking away the life energy of a person who is not evil by an evil action whether it be abuses and insults or physical harm and drives the person to become evil (to become a vampire). The vulnerability of the vampire to the cross and the death of the vampire through driving a wooden stake through the heart are also metaphors. The cross is a symbol of supreme goodness and the vampire being an evil creature is vulnerable to goodness. Likewise an evil person is vulnerable to goodness as good actions and people that are good. Like attracts like. Evil people do not like good people and try to hurt them to make good people more like them. Misery loves company. Regarding the myth that a vampire can be killed through a wooden stake through the heart. The heart is a symbol of love which the vampire or an evil person entirely lacks. By destroying a vampire heart which is the opposite of a good heart or a loving heart, (the vampires heart is a heart of evil) one destroys the vampire. Wood could be a symbol of life.The vampire can live in eternal darkness but must feed on the blood of the living. In order to remain a vampire in an evil state of being the vampire must continuously maintain its evil being by harming others. 

It is said that one dies and goes to heaven. This is a metaphor for giving up one’s self and one’s particular personality to attain a universal self by embracing God which is a metaphor for dying and going to heaven. The person who becomes a vampire gives up his personality for an evil personality.

Were wolves represent people who let their sexual appetite control them. A werewolf can be killed by a silver bullet. In alchemy, silver represents the material mercury which is a symbol for wisdom. The were wolf can be defeated and destroyed by silver. That is, one’s animal appetites can be overcome through wisdom.   

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