On Nietzsche’s Philosophy

           In Twilight of the Idols Nietzsche writes of how the false world became the true world. He calls it the history of a lie. He implies that people stopped believing in the true world and objective truth.

        In Medieval times people have found the true world, the true world is God, the true world is the kingdom of heaven within your mind, the false world is the Devil, our senses, and matter. The false world is a deception. 

         In the 19th century & 20th century people thought there is no true world! The true world is a lie, a fabrication, a world in flux contains no reality,there is no true world. Nietzsche was artistic and thought there is no reality nor objective truth.

         Nietzsche’s postmodernism and the legacy of Nietzsche is the idea that the individual must grow and develop into something great and overcome the burdens and obstacles which the herd places in front of the individual in order to cast the individual into doubt, confusion, and diffidence which prevent him from realizing his true potential and developing it into creativity, intelligence, and genius. We create our own truths which are our own forms of greatness unique unto themselves and constituting grandness and sublimity. By creating our own truths and forms of greatness we overcome the tyranny of modern industrial society which takes the form of conformity, pettiness, and normative views of what is good and evil.

          Dionysus was the god of wine, that is, intoxication, that is, divine intoxication, that is, ecstasy. Nietzsche made Dionysus his god as the god of continuous change through sublimation moving from one experience of ecstasy to the next in continuous original creative self expression.

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