Sexual desire can only be overcome if one attains to higher metaphysical realities, or attains grace.   Once one’s state of mind has realized that having higher states of consciousness is better, happier, and more pleasurable than sex one has overcome sexual desire. Sexual desire is absurd in that one’s sexual desire for another is completely determined by how that person or object looks. And just under the skin of the beautiful person is blood and flesh which is not as beautiful and sexual as the superficial beauty of the person. Therefore a beautiful body is an illusion and the body is subject to change which means a beautiful body one day may not be a beautiful body the next day. Sexual desire is very vane too.   If we don’t think a person’s body is attractive, we will find another body for the object of our sexual desire. And once our sexual desires are attained, new desires take their place and we remain unsatisfied. Sex is pleasurable but has painful consequences. The body has to recover from sex. Among the negative consequences of sexual desire after masturbation and ejaculation are the energy depletion of the body, fatigue, hunger, feeling dirty, more often defecation and farting, feelings of gloominess and grogginess, increased hair and nail growth, more acne, hair feeling dirty, and sometimes eyes hurting. 

            In the long run sex is not pleasurable. Sexual desire is overcome and conquered by realizing that having a higher intellect and attaining a higher metaphysical state of consciousness is better, happier, and more pleasurable than the temporary fulfillment of sexual desire. We must attain that higher state to be enlightened and liberated. 

          Some positive aspects of the fulfillment of sexual desire through masturbation is it can relieve temporarily frustration, stress, and anxiety. It is very pleasurable for a short time. But then one would have unpleasurable experiences for a longer time. 

          To escape the negative consequence of masturbation and ejaculation previously written through death would not work. In doing so the person would feel sadness just before death in their expiration in which the body and mind would depreciate to death and it would not result in a pleasurable nor happy experience just before death. 

In order to conquer sexual desire one must transcend nature and reach higher states of spiritual consciousness.

           One must abandon sex to reach union with god, sex bonds us to life and the world which is why it is condemned by the religions. It is not evil and is a worldly pleasure. One just needs to abandon it to transcend the world and life to reach union with god. Sex is not as bad as the religions particularly Christianity claim it is.

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