Education has so much to do with memory. If one cannot remember what one has learned, then one has not learned and cannot utilize and recall the things that will improve one’s life. If one has forgotten one’s education it is as though one never attained an education. If one has forgotten an aspect of one’s education then one can no longer use the aspect of one’s education to improve one’s life or retain a good quality of living. Education also has much to do with discipline. Only one who has discipline and can sustain and persevere in one’s discipline is intelligent or has acquired one’s discipline in education. Education has much to do with having the discipline to do what’s right. It has to do with the discipline to control and conquer one’s lust. One must have the discipline to control one’s passions and to take care of one’s self. The educated person avoids anger.

           One must be able to think for one’s self and think critically to be educated. One must also have self control, discipline, and be able to remember what one has learned. One must have virtue in the forms of justice (fairness and being able to discern what people deserve), courage ( for example to act justly when one is pressured not to), moderation, and wisdom (understanding fundamental concepts and principles of existence) which involves prudence, and thinking critically and thinking for one’s self. Also one must have good manners, politeness, respect, and good propriety in order to be educated. One must have these things in order to be educated. There are degrees of education in that people who have some of these traits are more educated than people who have none of these traits. People who have these traits without having been educated by another person or external source possess the quality of intelligence. 

           Education is support for intuitive reason leading to the attainment and attaining of spiritual liberation. And that is the only education worthy of the name. Schooling is help towards education at most. And schooling cannot help those who are uneducable. We are educated to the degree and extent that we have intuitive reason and are spiritually liberated.

           The end of a liberal education is death. The realization that the purpose of life is union with God which includes the end of this world in its futility and vanity. After union with God is attained nothing is left to do, and death follows, only being in God is perfect, and everything outside of God is imperfect, thus once perfection is attained, the end is achieved, and there is either regression back to life , or completion and the end in death. But in death the soul is in an eternity with the One.

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