School Institutions

        The school system is inefficient and not worth doing. I may do something to improve the current condition of schooling as a teacher operating within the school system. However most people will not change therefore the school system and the state will not change. Change can come gradually with reform movements which never accomplish what they intend to achieve but nevertheless gradually improve conditions to a small extent. The Universities hinder the student’s pursuit of truth rather than guiding them to the truth. One would acquire a better education if one did not attend the Universities and State schools rather than if one did. The Universities and State schools are a waste of time and money. Of course some schooling and education is better than no schooling nor education. The teachers make the subject so uninteresting that the students are uninterested. Students are not interested in the subjects the schools teach to begin with. They do not care about the subject and just attend school because they are required by the law to attend school. The assignments which the teachers assign do not encourage learning. They add to the student’s load of busy work. Most of the time in public schools is wasted and is not educational. The way the current system of learning is set up in which students are talked at by the teachers all day is highly uneducational. The teachers say many superfluous things about their subject while they could discuss things which would increase the efficiency of the purpose which is learning. 

        Most people enroll in Universities in order to get a degree so that they can get a high paying job. This is not a good reason to attend a University. The goal of a University education is to acquire an education in order to lead a better life. The University requirements have become a bureaucracy in which the student must fulfill the requirements and concentrate on fulfilling the requirements of the University rather than on gaining an education. The student must concentrate on getting good grades and so do the work according to how the “teacher” wants the work to be done rather than how it should be done so as the student learns something. This further hinders the student from learning. Grades and mandatory attendance should be abolished so that learning would be much easier. The courses which the student takes are so specialized and so little material is covered in them that the student loses interest. There are many distractions in the classroom such as noise which distract the students from paying attention to the lecture.

        One may acquire a good education on the computer. The only thing a computer does not offer is discussion with another person. Often those at the University including professors are not worth discussing with. University professors are overpaid and under worked and have cushy jobs. Most of them should not get the privileges they get. Many people who have PhDs are not good teachers and are uneducated themselves. Massive funds are given to schools and research programs which will not gain many benefits and are wasted. Much money is spent on the state education system and often after many years the people who go through the system are uneducated. Schools should be oriented towards learning and there should be no financial incentive for attending schools. Otherwise people will only attend schools for financial gain. People may learn on their own with libraries and computers. Universities may be places of learning and discussion.

        Currently in the era of specialization everyone is a specialist and cannot acquire a job without the degree in that specific field. Many times one who does not have a degree in a certain subject could do the job better than one who does have a degree in the subject. People with the skills necessary to do a certain job cannot get the job because they do not have the degree or piece of paper which a person wants to see to get the job. While others have a degree and get the job even though their skills are inferior to those who have the skills but do not have the degree. Most people go to college not to acquire an education but to get a degree so they can get a high paying job. These requirements of a degree with no real skills should be abolished so that people who know how to do the job well may get the job whether or not they have a degree. Their skills may be confirmed through demonstrations. 

        The state of the educational institutions is not new. They are more accurately called the institutions of social oppression. Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Russell Kirk, and Noam Chomsky all write of the horrible condition of the educational system. Rousseau also writes that colleges do not educate people. 

        The schools may have represented good intentions but they are used to encourage stupidity and conformity. Most institutions present an appearance of doing good but in fact they do little good or do the opposite of what they claim to be doing. The government, healthcare, education, the military, and societal systems are wasteful and inefficient. People get jobs and positions based on luck, chance, and connections to other people. This is a problem of intrinsic human corruption rather than a problem of any social or economic system such as capitalism or socialism. Universities and schools do more to conceal the truth than they do to reveal the truth.

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