Political Problems

        I am writing concerning recent legislation regarding public money being spent for private school expenditures. Regarding religious schools the legislation is clearly unconstitutional. Most of the people who applied for the subsidy are of a higher than average income demographic and would send their children to private schools anyway. The state should not subsidize wealthy people who do not need the money. When governments fund private institutions they gain more power over those institutions as a result of giving them money. This will make private institutions more likely to adhere to government policy when not adhering to such policy may result in ceasing to be given government funds.The private institutions will most likely adhere to government policy when their government funding is threatened. People who do not want to send their children to state and taxpayer funded schools should not be subsidized for sending their children to a private school while they have the option of attending public school.

        There should be a progressive state income tax in which income tax is determined by how much an individual makes. The more one makes,the higher a percentage of their income should be taxed. Wealth inequality in the U.S.A. is higher than in any other industrialized nation. People who make the most money often do not make the most beneficial contribution to society such as investment bankers. And those who make much less make a much more beneficial contribution such as garbage men and janitors.

        Insurance premiums are too high. Insurance companies only care about making money and do everything they can to deny coverage and payments to their clients. Because of this they will not provide coverage and will only seek to make money. People who need Healthcare immediately will not be able to check to see if they are covered. They should not have to check to see if their health insurance covers their medical bills before they get healthcare.

        Automobiles: There are too many automobiles, they are a huge waste of nonrenewable resources. They are extremely dangerous. They should not have built the country to be so dependent on them and should build the country to be less dependent on them and be more dependent on trains. They are noisy, expensive, and bad for the environment.

        Sports: Sports players and the people involved in sports make too much money with no good contribution to society. They should not make so much money. Sports events should be taxed so they can have a productive contribution to the economy.

        Football stadium: The Raiders football stadium attempting to be built in Las Vegas should not be subsidized by the government. Billionaires should not receive government subsidies, especially for football stadiums.

       Government spending: The government wastes much of the money they spend and should spend it more efficiently. 

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