Justice is fairness and getting what one deserves. People present themselves using technology and get paid large amounts of money to talk about nonsense while those who work in essential services such as janitors and garbage men get paid very little. People go into politics to make money at the expense of those they are supposed to represent. There are constant wars which are encouraged by the military industrial congressional complex and the arms trade in which large amounts of money are made selling weapons to those fighting the wars. One should use such activities to one’s advantage for the good.     

        People in society are coerced and coerce others to conform and become something they would rather not be. People are coerced to look for work and work in jobs they do not want in order to survive and preserve their physical existence. People are coerced in society to conform and work in jobs that are unethical in order to have basic material possessions in society. Society is indirectly telling people to either conform and work, or become houseless and have a painful and desperate life. Through this coercion people are made to conform and not be true to themselves in society. For example one may not want to be a factory worker but the only jobs which are available are factory jobs and in order to avoid poverty a person must take a factory job and be a factory worker. People are wage slaves in that they work for very little. They have the choice to quit their job but if they do they will become very poor. People get paid small amounts of money to do a lot of work while some people get paid large amounts of money and do barely any work at all.  The economic demand leads people to take jobs they don’t really want but have to take to be a part of society and keep up with the economic standard of living. People pursue employment in positions they do not want but do so because the economy and the system coerce and encourage them to do so. This means of coercion is alienating and dehumanizing especially when a person is paid very little for one’s labor. One should be what one wants to be and should not be hindered by economic and social demands placed on the individual. Many compulsions and coercions of society such as schools have been against an individual’s freedom of spirit, therefore you should not do what society wants you to do. As Marcus Aurelius said one’s life is very short, so you should only conform to your nature, know yourself, be yourself.

        There are many useful things existing in society which encourage individuals to conform. Technology, media, improvements in healthcare and the quality of food, and conformity by most people encourage individuals to conform. What an individual wants to do as a career is often unavailable in society which means an individual has a better chance of being employed if he or she accepts a position which he or she does not want but is available. Therefore the more an individual conforms to society and is willing to take whatever is available, the greater chance an individual will have economic security in society. This is a subtle form of social and economic coercion. Individuals are encouraged to conform and be someone they are not. 

        The maxim that capitalism turns luxuries into necessities is true. At one time cars were considered luxuries, now they are necessities as cities are spread so far apart with inconvenient and inefficient public transportation that one must have an automobile to function in society. Computers were once unnecessary luxuries, now computers are used for everything in society and one must have a computer in order to function in society. 

        In a class system people are alienated from one another. In a system where everyone pursues their own selfish interests people are alienated from one another and no real community or fellowship is possible. A syncretism of socialism and capitalism is best. 

        Technology and entertainment through technology are used to distract people from what’s important. For example Sports and entertainment distract people from political and economic issues which effect their lives. Entertainment and technology distract people from the oppression they undergo by the political system. One views so many images when one watches television that one is distracted from more important issues. Technology is used to coerce people to conform. Technology is used to control and manipulate people to conform to the system. Technology deludes people about what is true in the world and in reality. The advancement of technology is inevitable and therefore people must learn to control technology so technology does not control their lives.   

        When people use electrical technology they expose their bodies to electricity which heats the body and may irritate their mental condition to a small extent. However technology such as television is used to relieve frustration and anxiety. Although if so much frustration and anxiety was not caused by technology such as the noise from cars, people would not need technology to relieve the frustration which the technology causes.

        Technology is used to spy on people which has terrible consequences for the future of society. Privacy is not respected. People are too petty, selfish, and unintelligent to solve the problem which will either cease by force, collapse,  or disintegrate and move on to something else such as another problem or another way of life. 

       Technology is a very resourceful, convenient, entertaining, and useful tool. It is one of the crowning achievements of the human race. But it should be acknowledged that it is used to present many deceitful appearances and is used in many deceitful ways. And one should control the technology and use it to the benefit of one’s self. One should not have one’s self controlled and used for the benefit of Technology.

        The luxuries of society are used to coerce people to conform to the system. If one wants to be free from one’s job and the system one may do so but society uses luxuries such as tools and items for cleaning teeth, food, shelter, and tremendous conformity to discourage people from choosing to be houseless and live a much more free and less bonded life. Without money one could not buy items to keep one’s teeth clean which may result in cavities, toothache, and severe pain. Possibilities like these discourage people from leaving their jobs and places in society and live a much more free and happier life. The more  these luxuries develop and improve, the more specialized the labor becomes in order to make these luxuries, the more dependent people become on other people in society to maintain this standard of living, the more people will be bonded to the system and their place in society. Thus the more difficult it will be for people to overcome these fears and give up their job and material possessions as well as truly pursue what they want to do in their lives. Most people are slaves to the economy and the system. The Promotion of Economic Growth is used to make people conform and support the system. The more technology advances the more people are dependent on the system.

        Today civilization is too specialized. It takes years to get the requirements people have to have in order to get a particular job even though they can do the job without the requirements. People are conditioned into a certain way of thinking based on their specialty. Overspecialization and over organization are dangerous aspects of technological society in terms of restricting and limiting the creativity and freedom of individuals. When one is taught to think in one particular way it discourages other ways of thinking. When people are coerced and intimidated by threats of poverty and social rejection, they are encouraged to conform to be something other than themselves which they usually do not want to be. It is necessary to limit the freedom to harm others in society and to interfere with the convenience of other people’s lives, but the freedom to be creative individuals should not be discouraged nor restricted. And freedom of individual creativity is restricted and discouraged through overspecialization, over organization, and conformity.     

        In some places people value economic growth which is not necessarily a good thing. Economic growth induces more technology, specialization, and alienation. Sometimes people encourage economic growth because they are poor and exploited by the system which overworks and underpays them. People would not be so enthusiastic of economic growth if most of the wealth was not possessed by only a few people compared to most of the population. People would not be so enthusiastic about economic growth if wealth disparity was not so high. Economic growth promotes materialism over spiritual aspects of life.   The encouragement of economic growth and having a good economy is used to invade and oppress other peoples and cultures who are considered poor. They are considered to have a bad economy compared to industrialized economies.  Those industrialized economies claim that non industrialized economies are poor economies and bad. Those who do not have the same cultures, industry, and economy as industrialized economies are considered inferior and in a poor condition. Economic growth is used to make people conform and support the current system. The happiest countries in the world are not those which seek to maximize gross domestic product, but those which are most spiritually fulfilled.

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